About me

If you are new here and landed on my website for first time, let me give you tour and quick information regarding this Flavours of India Blog Website. 

Hello Guys, Namaste! Welcome to Flavours of India Blog. In this Blog, you will find post related to travelling and exploring new place, for food lover a variety of cuisine and best place to have delicious food and different food recipes and for people who puzzled up for new places & product can find a review in this blog. Also, please do email subscription, where you will be notified, every time I upload new content. Stay Tuned at Flavours of India. 

Flavours of India is open for brand Collaboration, tie-ups. You can contact on mail at flavoursofindiareviewer@gmail.com.

Why the Name?

I began my journey with writing reviews on Google Maps of different Locations/Places which I have visited. My reviews are really helping to folks to find a difference between a 4-5star ratings & 1-3star ratings and about a premium place & good place. So, I thought, I should put it up here. On one day, I thought that my review is contributing and helping to folks who are puzzled up where to go? where to eat? And many more things. So, in my mind an idea was generated to start travel, food recipes, for foodie a delicious vegetarian cuisine across India and some few techno reviews. Later, I have to create stunning, catchy, and attractive name for my blog. It should be easy to memorize. As, I am from India I decided to give the name of my blog as Flavours of India. So, that’s how Flavours of India was born and stayed across all social media handles. Since, then because well obviously I loved it. 

The person who is founder and Handling this Website. you can find out below for more information and author behind this Blog.

Hello! Everyone Namaste, I am Yash Bhavsar! (Thats Me 😊) 
I am founder of Flavours of India Blog. I have done graduation in B.tech Civil Engineering in India & Currently, Pursuing M.tech in Environmental Engineering in India. I am very passionate about exploring new places and writing reviews. I am also foodie and very enthusiastic about driving cars, sketching, playing PC Games. I am keen to learn a new skills everyday.  
I was born and brought up in India. I have started Blogging in 2020. I always love to explore new places and trying new cuisine. I love to write reviews which helps people around the globe. For me writing reviews and contributing helps the people as well as businesses to grow their business.
Since, I've so far visited 10 states, 112 Cities & 4 UT's in India and 2 Countries along the way and rest of the world to go. 

Flavours of India Blog is maintained by myself. I take care of my website and write up, take photos, editing work, posting online and all other technical aspects are done by me. Also, I do Maintain explorecitieswithyb.com

As being Vegetarian, this blog has vegetarian recipes & for foodies a delicious vegetarian cuisine of different place. But, on travelling Blog Post Sometimes, I have to post non-vegetarian cuisine that are very popular in different cities. Although, folks can find 99.9% Vegetarian Cuisines only 0.1% of non-vegetarian food. 

I am Engineer by Profession but a Blogger by Passion. 
Travel, Eat, Review, Repeat |

Happy Reading Folks! Keep Exploring new locations! Always try new delicious, tasty, and flavourful cuisines! 

I hope this blog will inspire you about exploring new location, to try scrumptious vegetarian cuisine, a healthy vegetarian cuisine recipe, techno review for folks who are puzzled up. This website is still and always be work in Progress.

I am so Thankful for your support in this my Beautiful Journey.😊 

You can contact me @flavoursofindiareviewer@gmail.com, I will soon get back to you.  
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