Idea Behind Creating Blog- My First Blog

My first blog is a short journey that how I started writing a blog. So, I started this journey with google maps. Before, two years ago I started contributed giving review on google maps of different place which I have visited. Later on, I have learnt different things about travelling and food review. how to write review’s on google maps and other platform which helps people to find a difference between a premium place and good place.

So, In February 2020 I received a mail from google local guide community that you are level 6 guide and you were invited to join us in Bay Area of California for connect live 2020. So, it was very Happy moment for me and I feel eureka and was very curious about this application. Specially, when you get a great opportunity from google. So, if you want to attend this google live connect 2020. Then, you have to submit following application for which we should select your application in live connect 2020.

There, were certain task given in application in which I have to apply so, I started preparing about that and after this all task were over. I think to create a blog. 

So, on one day I think that my review is really helping people around the world. Let’s start a travel, food, place, & review blogging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and other platforms. Which helps people to find easiness in travelling and exploring different places and food. So, first of all I have to create amazing, catchy, and attractive name for my blog. Then, I think a lot about different name which should be very attractive and easy to memorize. As, I am from India and proud to be an Indian I gave the name of my blog is (Flavours Of India). In which people will get everything regarding travelling post, exploring, different places post, variety of food post, and reviews of the place.

This, how I started steady and slowly a journey behind creating blogs and If you love my content than please do email subscription, where you will be notified, every time I upload new content. Stay Tuned.