India’s first Iconic milkshake Brand – 'Keventers'

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The story behind the India’s first iconic ‘make in India’ Milkshake Brand. Which is very Popularly known as ‘Keventers’.  It was all started with Edward keventer, when he came to India in 1889 and took over the running of a small dairy farm in Aligarh, India and made it a profitable business. In 1925, with the help of his nephew, Werner, they establish Edward Keventers Ltd, in Delhi. Years later, after passing of Edward keventer and his nephew Werner, the Keventers brand was sold to Mr. R.K Dalmia[1].

How it was all started?

After a few, dormant decades the brand again revived in 2015 by the grandson of Mr. Dalmia. Agastya and his supportive partner Aman & Sohrab. They were both graduates from Delhi University and since school, they were best friend and heard lot about keventers from their caretakers. They were thinking about entrepreneur and this was the perfect stage for them to begin with. ‘Agastya’ father had been in business briefly so all they had a few recipes of classic milkshakes. Firstly, they faced lot of problems when they re-establish the Keventer as they had never run a restaurant. As, their parents was also from manufacturing side of family businesses. So, as they approach a New-Delhi Based restaurateur who run the restaurant chain. So, this gave them confidence, experience about how to run a restaurant.

After this all they went ahead, self-funding and launched their first outlet in Delhi’s Pitampura area in 2014, when they started their first outlet, they were serving the milkshakes in Plastic cups. With the success coming on the way. They again went back to approach restaurateur. But this, time they have their own plan and they discussed a lot about that. But, in 2015 the trio infused capital business and set out with the list of flavours. They also think about the ambience. What would be the ambience? So that, it could attract the more customers towards this milkshake brand. After, the first shop shut down in Pitampura. when they again open a Keventers small shop, the ambience of this shop was the white pictures from early days from Keventers in India and this created a huge response from their expectations. While the initials customers are of age 30s to 40s, since, they were only one who heard about this Milkshake brand. But, later the word of Keventers began to spread far. While, the success is on the way, they started serving the milkshake in retro bottles. This also created a great response to customer.

The New-Delhi Based restaurateur also suggest for the franchise route to Keventers founder and director. The idea was very simple they would provide the store design, bottles, recipes and syrups. The store owner will procure the milk and ice cream locally. By this way slowly, they turned into more than 300 outlets Branches in India and they have plan to add outlets to over-seas markets and currently, their outlets are in Kenya, Nepal, and UAE.

So, this how it became India’s first iconic ‘Make in India’ Milkshake Brand popularly known as ‘KEVENTERS’ – ‘The Original Milkshake’, and this a perfect example of Make in India.

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