Making Of Veg Crispy Corn

Hello guys, flavours of India is back with an amazing topic that is related to foodies. In this blog, I will not discuss too much. In today’s blog I will just end up with few sentences. So, as you all know there is lockdown in so many countries and each and every person is hoping for the best to fight against this novel covid-19 corona virus. 

As, I have discussed in my last blog, that I am very enthusiastic about travelling and exploring different places trying delicious food and writing reviews. And today I came up with new chapter. So, it is great opportunity to build new skills, explore hobbies and the things you wanted to do. As I have discussed earlier that slowly, I started learning cooking new cuisines. So, again I cooked new cuisines which is very famously known as Crispy Corn which comes under the categories of snack and which can be taken as starter. It is served in so many restaurants as a starter and it is made from corn. The upper layer is so crispy in texture and it is very flavourful and delicious in taste. I really enjoyed making that cuisine. 

So, as I mentioned above that, I will end up with few sentences. Further, I will come with new chapter. Till then, Stay Home & Stay Safe and fight against Corona Virus. Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

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