The Cornito Story- Exploring flavours of Mexico with Indian Twist #Indian Brand.

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Hello Guys! Namaste, flavours of India has brought up an amazing story. The man behind nachos brand, Vikram Agarwal. He worked in his family business for 20 years at Globe capacitors, started by his father, manufactured and exported film capacitors. He joined his family business after, he completed his studies in 1991.

The story behind how he Built India’s biggest Nachos brand. Vikram Agarwal, was working in his family business. In 2008, when he took a business trip to US, and that time he was not knowing that his life would change forever. During the trip, he tasted tortilla chips. It is also called as nachos crisps or nachos. He like the taste of tortilla chips which was very delicious. From there, He decided to create nachos brand which combines the taste of Mexican with an Indian twist.

In 2009, he established Greendot Health foods in India and started making crisps under his new brand Cornitos. There were few problems at initials days as he was not from agricultural background, so it took him a time to grow his nachos brand but, along the way they growed rapidly. Firstly, they started with Nachos which was their primary product which is manufactured and packaged in-house. They created other products like salsa and cheese dips, and lot more. within a span of 5 years it grows one of the most leading brands in the Indian snack market.

 When they started a company on initial days they were producing nachos in-house without food machinery. But later, as time proceed they have their fully automated food processing unit in a very cleanliness manufacturing environment. The cornitos nachos are priced at Rs 35 of 60g packet. They are available at major shop across India. As they are growing across the globe they are exporting these nachos to US, Australia, China, Singapore, UAE and lot more countries. The main aim of company is to make healthy gourmet snacks with high quality ingredients.

This how an Indian local Brand became the most leading brands in Globe. #Support vocal for local and this a perfect example of Make in India.

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