Making of Garlic Bread

As this is a great time to use your quarantine period. In this pandemic situation, Due to covid-19 Corona Virus. Each and every person is at home. So, everyone is in lockdown and it is great opportunity to build new skills, explore hobbies and the things you wanted to do.
First of all, I would like to thank all the warriors who are keep their lives at risk and fighting against this pandemic situation of covid-19 to keep us safe.

As, I am very enthusiastic about exploring new place, trying delicious food and writing reviews. So, during lockdown I build a new skill of cooking. I started exploring new dish in kitchen. So, one day I just tried to make an international cuisine that is so famous known as Garlic Bread or Garlic Toast. Slowly, I started searching on google and you-tube about garlic bread Recipe. So, I searched a lot about how to make a baked garlic bread. So finally, I found the recipe of garlic bread from you-tube. Then, I proceed to make it. I made a cuisine garlic bread. The tastes was so delicious and flavourful. I really enjoyed making that cuisine. So, as I started making the cuisine & I am getting interest in cooking.

Before, making this garlic bread. I usually make the aloo sabzi/Batata bhaji, dal rice, khichdi. I really enjoy a lot in cooking different Indian cuisine and my mom teaches me a lot of different varieties of cuisine in cooking. So, I am getting interest in cooking food and this become my passion and as I am very enthusiastic about travelling and trying delicious food. 

Further, I will come with new chapter. Till then, Stay Home & Stay Safe and fight against Corona Virus. Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog 

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Garlic Bread