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Hello guys, Namaste! From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who craves for Vadodara Street food. Vadodara cuisines is one of the most famous and oldest Culinary jewels of Gujarat and key factor is vegetarian cuisines. It offers a wide variety of vegetarian cuisines, each has its own uniqueness from crispy texture, to some amount of sugar in each dish, it is fill with burst of flavours and has array of colours. Welcome to part of Gujarat where Vadodara Cuisines not only fills with flavours in it but, has sweet & bit of spicy taste in every dish of it.

Vadodara City is well known for its tradition and culture formerly known as ‘Baroda’. The Vadodara City also known as Sanskari Nagari (The Culture City) of India. Vadodara is the culture capital of India. This place is the most well known for its nine days Navratri Festival. No other city in India celebrates Navratri as much exuberance and full energetic as Vadodara does. Although, Indian Street food, is very inviting whether its breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner time. Vadodara City offers most delectable & Lip-Smacking street food that offers wide variety of tasty, delicious, pepperiness, sweetness, healthy and sometimes unhealthy local food.

Best Street Food of Vadodara, One must try
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So, here goes the list. All you need to be is just take your foodie friend with you and yes if you don’t have foodie friend don’t worry just enjoy your own company but, make sure that you’re hungry and then explore the Sanskari Nagari Vadodara City. below, is list that gave glimpse of best street food in Vadodara.

  • Sev Usal
  • Bhakarwadi & Leelo Chevdo
  • Vada Pav
  • Dabeli
  • Samosa & Dalwada
  • Kachori
  • Chole Kulche
  • Sandwich  

Sev Usal

One of the most loved food/snacks of barodians and their breakfast, brunch or lunch is incomplete without having this sev usal. Barodians folks are crazy about this local street snacks/food that comes with numerous varieties and it is made of boiled peas with variety of Indian spices in liquid curry and It is garnished with sev (small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste) and chopped coriander that further enhances the taste of Usal. It is served with side of chopped Onions, lemons as well as green chilli chutney and spicy liquid called (locally as tari) and with pav (breads buns). They serve lot of varieties of sev usal that ranges from butter sev usal, cheese sev usal and many more on their table d’hôte and other variant of sev usal is sev tari that is very peppery in taste. It is one of most famous snack/food of Vadodara and very delectable to eat. One must try this dish whenever you visit Vadodara.

Where to try: Babu Sev Usal, Shree Jalaram Sev Usal, & All Local Sev Usal Eatery.

Timings: 8:30 am to 9:00 pm

Bhakarwadi & Leelo Chevdo

Vadodara City is also known for its mainly two farshan that are Bhakarwadi and Leelo Chevdo. The farshan is most popular & favourite word in Gujarat. This farshan is savoury that are highly popular with tourists and locals. Bhakarwadi is a traditional snack made of soft dough that is rolled out and filled with flavourful spices that are mixed shredded coconut. It is blends of sweet and spicy. A perfect crunchy and rich in texture. Leelo Chevdo is iconic snack and something your taste buds are not used to. It is crunchy yet melts in your mouth. The most iconic farshan of Gujarat. One must try and buy this farshan when you visit Vadodara.

Where to try: Jagdish Farshan Pvt Ltd

Timings: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Vada Pav

The Indian style burger. After all, this Indian style burger has a same patty that is deep fried and called as Vada with spicy chutney that is wrapped in a fluffy unsweetened ladi pav. It is served with dried garlic and green chutney and that taste strike back of your throat and make you tear up. It is considered as best fast food and you can find in numerous places in Vadodara. Must Try Cheesy Vada Pav and Butter Vada Pav.

Where to try: All Local Vada Pav Eatery.


Dabeli snack have root originated in Kutch, Gujarat. It’s a sandwich like snack made with bit of spicy potato fillings with peanut and mix with different chutneys in between pav. It’s topped with sev (small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste), chopped onions, spicy peanut, and pomegranate seeds that makes it more flavourful in taste. it is served with spicy green chutney and tamarind (Imli) chutney that gave immense tasty flavour to Dabeli. Dabeli is Gujarat Modern Vada Pav and foodie who want some twist in Dabeli can try other variant of Dabeli, then do try Katka Dabeli. The Katka Dabeli is something new and delectable to eat. One Must Try Katka Dabeli. You will find various shop selling Dabeli throughout the city.

Where to try: All Local Dabeli and Vada Pav Eatery.

Samosa and Dalwada

The Samosa is triangular shaped flaky pastry filled with spicy Potato fillings. The Samosa is very popular in India literally, you get samosa and chai at every other street corner. Aloo Samosa is most popular snack. The samosa is crispy and most importantly it should not be oily at all. Here, in Vadodara the samosa is cut from centre and stuffed with tamarind chutney, chilli chutney and raw onions. Have this hot spicy delicious samosa on roadside. Dal Wada is another popular snack that is very famous in Vadodara city and it is golden crispy from outside and soft, spongy, fluffy from inside. The Dal Wada is so popular in Vadodara and you will find many street vendors are selling this crispy, tasty, Delicious Dalwada, Have this hot piping Dal Wada on roadside.

Where to try: Manmohan Samosa and all other local Samosa & Dal Wada Eatery.


Kachori are small spicy snacks made from flour and in shape of round ball and filled with delicious stuffing. This is a savoury snack that can be eaten anytime. It can be garnished with tamarind chutney, chilly garlic sauce, onions, tomatoes, sev, and puffed rice mixed together. The taste of kachori is very delicious and most popular on street of Vadodara specially, old city area (Mangal Bazaar). One Must Try.

Where to try: Pyarelal ki Kachori and all other local eatery.

Chole Kulche

Hey foodies, get ready to explore the most delicious taste of Delhi Street Style Chole Kulche in Vadodara City. Got excited, when I said you, will get Delhi street style chole Kulche in Vadodara city right! Kulchas the name itself is enough to give instant boost to appetite of Delhi street style chole Kulche. A perfect mixture of fluffy flour buns that are heated on tawa and then smeared with generous amount of butter and then topped with cumin and bit of kasuri methi (fenugreek dried leaves) and foodies who love to eat spicy Kulchas then, the Kulchas are heated on tawa and then smeared with generous amount of butter and garlic chutney is applied on it. the chole too is delicious, it is loaded with vibrant flavours and also loaded with butter. The perfect blends of fluffy, crispy hot piping with lip smacking buttery chole, that are served with chopped onion, garlic chutney, lemon, and homemade green chilly pickle and special masala. The scrumptious chole Kulche is super delicious. Must try Delicious double buttery chole Kulche.

One can customize Chole as per their taste – less spicy or extra spicy & can also customize for double buttery chole or single buttery chole.

Where to try: Kishan Chole Kulche, Karelibaug, Vadodara.

Timings: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm


I will not talk about subway sandwiches but, I will talk about famous street style sandwiches that is yummy to eat. Sandwiches can be stuffed with range of fillings, vegetables, sauces, and fruits that make sandwiches flavourful and delectable. One of the most popular sandwiches is samosa sandwich which is megastar, the stuffing’s varies in this sandwich. You all have eaten veggie sandwich, fruit sandwich, chocolate sandwich, veggie with curd, oodles cheesy sandwich and many more. But, this one is something new popularly known as Samosa Sandwich. Samosa is stuffed between pair of bread and cut into edible pieces and topped with oodles cheese and potato fries on the side. One Must Try.

Where to try: All Local Shop Eatery, specially Vishal Sandwich.

Have you ever tried these dishes yet? Comment below which one is your favourite? And if haven’t tried these yet, I strongly recommend you to follow this checklist and Mark on your bucket list and implement it each one of them at least once in life when you explore Vadodara. Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Cuisines. when you visit Vadodara.

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