Quick and Simple Recipe for foodies - "Bread Pizza"

Hello guys, Namaste! Flavours of India has brought up an amazing blog post. This post is related to Indian Italian cuisine. I will be sharing the recipe of Bread Pizza so, you might be thinking what is bread pizza? and for foodies who know this recipe can share with me the other variants of this recipe.  So, here the simple and quick recipe of bread pizza which made from pizza sauce, veggies, cheese, and slice bread. This makes a great snack for parties.

First, of all you need a sliced bread. Then, you have pizza sauce or schzewan sauce. Have some fresh vegetable and mix herbs and main ingredients is cheese. Either, take mozzarella or cheddar cheese. So, steps wise the recipe of bread pizza is explained below.

  • 1.      Step-1 Take a Fresh sliced bread.
  • 2.      Step-2 apply a butter on bread
  • 3.      Step-3 apply pizza sauce or schzewan on bread
  • 4.      Step-4 add chopped vegetables as toppings
  • 5.      Step-5 add onion, capsicum, tomato, olive
  • 6.      Step-6 add mix herbs
  • 7.      Step-7 sprinkle cheese or just add mozzarella cheese in it.
  • 8.      Step-8 baked it in oven for 10mins at 180-200 C.

This was the simple and quick recipe of Bread Pizza. Just have delicious and appetizing Indian Italian snacks and comment below whenever you try making a Bread Pizza and shares with me how is the taste of it? If you love my content than please do email subscription, where you will be notified, every time I upload new content. Stay Tuned.

Bread Pizza