Recipe of Oreo Biscuit Cake- Can be made in 15-20 Minutes.

Hello guys, Namaste! Flavours of India has brought up an amazing topic for all foodies. The post is related to Dessert, which is very yummy, chocolaty and creamy in taste. it is made in minutes with only just three to four ingredients and the desserts name is ‘Oreo Biscuit Cake’. What if you want to eat chocolate cake at home? But, if it is not available in market or Cake Shop? So, here is the quick recipe of Oreo Biscuit Cake which can be made in minutes for your loved ones and can share the joy of eating a Chocolate Cake which is Homemade.

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What are the ingredients to be used?

Oreo Biscuit – you can take plain or chocolate Oreo biscuit whichever is available at store. But, I would mostly prefer to take Chocolate Oreo Biscuit for better flavours which results in the best tasty chocolate cake.

Sugar and baking powder - Take a well blend sugar which is powdered, fine and fluffy in form. Also, take a good quality of baking powder which will increase your volume and lighten up the texture.

Milk and more items -Add milk to make it moist, also, I will suggest to add Bournvita or coffee for better taste of chocolates. It gives immense flavours to the chocolaty cake and make the cake rich in taste.

 Steps to make Oreo Biscuit Cake - Serving for 6 persons

  • Take 20 or 22 Oreo Biscuit, if you want to add more you can add it to make it more chocolaty in nature.
  • Blend the Oreo Biscuit in a Blender to fine crushed powder form.
  • Now, add 4 tbsp Sugar, add 1 tbsp baking powder, and add 1 cup of milk
  • Blend all the ingredients well, and adjust the quantity of milk in a way it is of pouring consistency.
  • At last, add 2 tbsp Bournvita or if you are coffee lover, you can add it too, in it to make it more flavourful. and finally, Mix well.

 Steps to Baked Oreo Cake Biscuit

  • Now, take a microwave bowl.
  • Pour the mixture in it.
  • Microwave on temperature up to 180-200 ᴼC for 5 minutes or till the knife is inserted in a middle of the cake, comes out clean.
  • At last, take out the cake from mould very easily and slowly, without breaking it.

Decorate your Cake and Serve

Image is for illustration purpose only. Actual Oreo Biscuit Cake may vary as per serving & quantity used. 

If you want to decorate your cake, you can easily decorate with Chocolate ganache, or Garnished chopped Nuts on it, or also, you can garnish Cadbury piece or Gems on it.

This was the simple and quick recipe which can be made in 15 to 20 minutes and which is Homemade. Try this Dessert Oreo biscuit Cake recipe on occasions of Birthday, Anniversary or Happy Moments and let your guest and families enjoy the goodness of chocolaty Flavours at Home.

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