Use of Quarantine period in productive way as creating blogs.

In this blog I will discussed the 2nd chapter of my blogging. As I have discussed in my first blog that how I started a journey of blogging. As this is a great time to use your quarantine period. In this pandemic situation, Due to Covid-19 Corona virus everyone is at home. So, everyone is in lock-down and it is great opportunity to build new skills, explore hobbies and the things you wanted to do.

So, the life has given the opportunity to focus on your skills, dreams and hobbies in this quarantine period. As, I have started the journey through google maps to contribute on it. I started learning how to write blogs, how to create an attractive blog and many different things about blogs. So, I utilize the time and created a blogging page on social media to promote a travelling post, food post, place and review about different things.

As, I am very enthusiastic about exploring new place, trying delicious food and writing reviews. I thought of writing blogs. This how I utilize the quarantine period in productive way and I started writing blogs.

I would like to thank all the warriors who are keep their lives at risk and fighting against this pandemic situation of Covid-19 to keep us safe. 
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