White Sand Beach in India - “Ganpatipule”- Chapter-3

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Hello Guys! Namaste, flavours of India is Back with Travel blog. First, of all I would like to request you all please read chapter-2 of White Sand Beach in India - “Ganpatipule” in that, I have discussed about exploring a famous place in Ganpatipule. So, in this chapter-3 of white sand beach in India. I will share the famous place that I have visited in Ganpatipule on Day-2.

Day-2 at “Ganpatipule”

After, exploring the Ganpatipule beach and taking a great knowledge of Konkan Culture from Prachin Konkan Museum on day-1. We reached back at Resort. Then, after relaxing up from resort. Next day, that is day-2, we started our morning with delicious breakfast. Then, we again move outside for exploring other places in Ganpatipule.

  1. ·   Aare Ware Beach
  2.     Jaigad fort & Lighthouse.


Image by- Yash Bhavsar |

Aare ware Beach Day-2


The distance from our resort to Aare Ware Beach was around 10 km. after, driving through the hilly terrain and taking a glimpse of panoramic view of ocean. We reached at Beach. It is situated near Nevare village in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra. This is one of best place to visit in Ganpatipule. This beach is very clean and offers very calm and pleasant climate. This beach is stretch with Ganpatipule beach. These twin beaches, known as Aare ware were formed due to corner of the mountain that submerged in a sea. This is one kind of phenomenon of beauty and serenity of nature. The beach is still unspoiled and is best place for travellers.

Jaigad fort & Lighthouse Day-2


At a distance of 20km from Ganpatipule and 45km from Ratnagiri. It is one of popular forts in Konkan region. This place is for history lovers. The people who are very enthusiastic about history for them this is a perfect place to visit. A jetty port and lighthouse are located nearby. It is believed that this fort was built by Bijapur kings in 16th century. This fort is a commanding view of bay and open sea. The meeting point of river shastri and Arabian sea is called as creek of Jaigad. Jaigad lighthouse was built by British in 1932. The lighthouse offers a very spectacular view of Arabian sea.

After, exploring the beach with some amazing scenes and beauty of seashores and knowing the history behind the Jaigad fort and Lighthouse. we are again return back to resort. This was all about day-2 in Ganpatipule. I will be back again with new blog post in that I will share that which place I have explored on Day-3 in Ganpatipule.

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