White Sand Beach in India - “Ganpatipule”- Chapter-2

Hello Guys! Namaste, flavours of India is Back with Travel blog. First, of all I would like to request you all please read chapter-1 of White Sand Beach in India- “Ganpatipule” in that, I have discussed about planning of family trip to Ganpatipule. So, from that you might get a hint that how we have done the planning and reached at final point to select a place to explore, relish. So, in this chapter-2 of white sand beach in India. I will share the famous place that I have visited in Ganpatipule on Day-1.

Day-1 at “Ganpatipule”

After, travelling a long distance from home towards destination Ganpatipule. We finally reached at Resort. Then, after relaxing up from resort. We move towards the most famous place to visit in Ganpatipule. The first place we have visited is Prachin Konkan Museum and second place was ganpatipule beach.

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Famous place to explore in Ganpatipule

  1. ·        Prachin Konkan Museum
  2. ·        Ganpatipule Beach
  3. ·        Swayambhu Ganpati Temple
  4. ·        Aare Ware Beach
  5. ·        Jaigad fort & Lighthouse.

Prachin Konkan Museum Day-1

Image by-Yash Bhavsar | Prachin Konkan Museum | 


It is located nearly 600m from ganpatipule bus stand & 1 km from ganpatipule beach. It is an open-air museum situated in Ganpatipule. It provides information regarding Konkan Culture. They are an ethno-linguistic community and also speaks Konkani language. The museum was constructed in 2004. It not only provides information to tourist about Konkan culture. But, also provide employment opportunities to locals. The museum shows the creativity of Konkan with sculpture of Maharaja Shivaji a king warrior hero of Maratha portray historical monuments. This was all about museum, but one more interesting thing is Konkan cuisine is waiting for all foodies. You must try this Konkan food whenever, you visit the museum. I am sharing some of the top Konkan food cuisines with you all that are Sol khadi, Thalipeeth, Fanas Bhaji, UkadicheModak and lot more delicious food of Konkan.                                                                             

Entry fees of museum is Rs 40 per person with guide

Timings 8:30 to 6:00pm

Image By-Yash Bhavsar | Prachin Konkan Museum |

Ganpatipule Beach Day-1


At a distance from 1 km from ganpatipule bus stand. It is spectacular paradise along the Konkan coast in Maharashtra very famous and popularly comes under categories the white sand beaches of India. The beach offers a peace to mind, and have calm atmosphere, amazing seashore along it. The beaches stretch 6 km along the road side and gives stunning and wondrous view from top of hill and for adventurous people it offers variety of water sport that includes paragliding, motorboat ride, water scooters, etc. and for people who wants to just enjoy on beach it also has camel ride, horse ride on beach. The ganpatipule beach is clean. However, it is ideal spot for sun bathing and enthral sunsets. This was all about Ganpatipule beach.

Image by-Yash Bhavsar |

After, exploring the beach with some amazing scenes and beauty of seashores and taking a great information/history regarding Konkan Culture from Museum. we are again return back to resort. This was all about day-1 in Ganpatipule. I will be back again with new blog post in that I will share that which place I have explored on Day-2 in Ganpatipule.

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