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Hello guys, Namaste! Welcome to Chapter-2 of Mumbai Street Food Series. From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who always crave for Mumbai’s Misal Pav. In this 2nd chapter of Mumbai street food series, I will be taking you to explore the best out of best Street/Restaurant to have Misal Pav.

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Just like vada pav and pav bhaji, Misal pav is yet another popular street food that create its uniqueness in taste and that make up Mumbai’s food identity. Misal pav is authentic dish of Mumbai and Pune city and it is very popular in all over Maharashtra. A tempting invention with roots originated in Maharashtra, found on street and restaurant. Misal Pav is for those foodies who loves to eat spicy food and folks who dare to eat spicy food. Misal Pav is spicy flavourful curry that is made from moth bean sprouts and blends of Indian Spices and serves with unsweetened laadi pav. Misal pav is topped with Poha, Namkeens, coriander leaves, chopped onion and lemon that makes Misal Pav more flavourful and appetizing in taste.

I will also share different variant of Misal Pav from Kolhapur misal to Khandeshi misal, from Puneri misal to Nashik version Misal, from Nagpuri misal to some popular local variants across the Maharashtra. Comment below, if you have eaten Misal pav in Maharashtra and which variant you have tried? and how was the taste of it?

So today, I will be taking you to some of the best out of best places to have Misal Pav in Street/Restaurant of Mumbai.

  • Mamledar Misal
  • Aaswad
  • Aram
  • Vinay Health Home
  • Anand Bhuvan Hotel
    Mamledar Misal

It is located at Jambli naka, Thane west, Maharashtra. It is also known as King of Misal, these Mamledar Misal serving its tempting misal since last 65 years. It has now become probably the largest chain serving its tempting authentic Misal pav in Maharashtra. The Mamledar misal started off as a small outlet, now added more than dozen outlets. Before, placing the order of misal pav they will first ask you a level of spiciness. And yes, if you are spicy foodie you must try their Mamledar Misal and if your tolerance to spice is low you must try their dahi Misal that really tones down the spice.

Cost – Rs55/- Mamledar Misal, Rs70/- Dahi Misal, Rs65/- Misal and Beverage Combo.


Located at Dadar Shivaji Park, Dadar west, Mumbai. One of the best moments of this restaurant is the Misal Pav served in Aaswad has been awarded the ‘World’s tastiest vegetarian dish at the Foodie Hub Awards in London in 2015. This restaurant serving misal since last 30 years, now become the most popular restaurant to have authentic misal pav. This restaurant also serves south Indian snacks, pizza, pavbhaji, bhel, and desserts with most affordable rates. Although, the misal pav is delectable dish of this restaurant. Don’t get amaze to see this place being fill with crowd as we need to wait in queue even at 3:00pm, ample after the ‘lunch hour’ has finished.

Cost – Rs68/- Misal, Rs88/- Dahi misal.


It is located at capital cinema building, opposite CST station, Mumbai. Aram is famous not only for its misal pav but, also it is famous for its Mumbai famous snack vada pav. This place serves one of the best appetizing misal pav in Mumbai. This place is compact, humble yet clean, neat and well maintain. It is well known for its Dahi Misal. It is worth of every bite, the spices, flavours, bit of sourness that, make a perfect blend of Misal.

Cost – Rs69/- Misal

Vinay Health Home

Located at Jawahar Mansion, Thakurdwar, Fanas Wadi Naka, Mumbai. Serving, misal pav since last 50 years, it is well known for its dedication to quality. The patrons say the misal always taste the same and quality is well maintained. You have lot of option to choose from their table d’hôte, that is puneri misal, special misal, dahi misal, special dahi misal and sweet dahi misal. 

Cost – Rs65/- Puneri Misal, Rs70/- Special Misal, Rs75/- Dahi Misal

Anand Bhuvan Hotel

Located at Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, kala Chowky, Mumbai. Serving, misal pav since last 64 years, it is well known for its authentic Kolhapuri Misal. Their Misal is super spicy and get ready to wipe up your tear from your eyes when you take first bite of your misal. One best thing about this Anand Bhuvan is they love serving the dish hot and with extra spices.

Cost – Rs64/- Misal.

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So, now I have shared the list with you all, the popular place to eat delicious and tempting Misal Pav in Mumbai City. Now, it’s your turn to go out and taste authentic Maharashtrian Misal Pav. Once in lifetime, visit these places and try local street food of Maharashtra and explore Mumbai. There are lot more famous place to have Misal Pav in Mumbai city. But, as I told you that I will only share best out of best in this series of Mumbai street food. further, I will be back with chapter-3 of Mumbai street food series in that, I will share Mumbai’s Best local street food. Till then, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Maharashtrian Cuisine. when you visit Mast Maharashtra.

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