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Hello guys, Namaste! From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who always crave for Mumbai’s Vada pav. The Indian style burger, this Indian style burger has a same patty that is deep fried and called as Vada with spicy chutney that is wrapped in a fluffy unsweetened ladi pav. It is served with dried garlic and green chutney and that taste strike back of your throat and make you tear up. It is considered as best fast food contribution from Mumbai to all foodies. This snack has its own day too, celebrated as World Vada Pav Day on 23rd August. Many of us are unaware of this World Vada Pav Day. But, ask your foodie friends they might be knowing for sure. And yes, one thing for sure you will not get the delicious, crunchy, spicy and flavourful taste of Mumbai Vada Pav anywhere around world.  

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Mumbai food series has just begun and this is Chapter-1 of Mumbai food series and in following few blogs, I will take you to explore the best out of best food options that one must try in Mumbai.

You will not understand the story behind the Mumbai Vada pav. If you, haven’t tried it before. In this blog, I will share different varieties of Vada pav from cheese vada pav to schezwan vada pav and many more variant of it. And yes, with other variety of stuffing inside Pav. The stuffing differs from samosa pav to chutney pav, bhajiya pav to choora pav and lot more variants of it. 

Comment below if you have eaten Mumbai Pav? because, the Mumbai Pav has different taste that you will not get in any corner of country and that’s the best thing of Mumbai City. 

So, here are some of the best places in Mumbai to have India’s famous Vada Pav.

Ashok Vada Pav or Kirti College Vada Pav

This is most popular vada pav stall in the city located near Kirti college, Dadar, Mumbai. You will get pure authentic taste of Vada Pav. They also serve besan Choora that has very delicious taste, The other variant of vada pav that fondly called as choora pav where they mix the choora and chutney stuffing in pav. you will get choora pav in this shop. also, don’t get amaze to see this place being fill with crowd. The taste of vada pav is spicy, crunchy and delicious. Open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and sells only vada pav. and yes, be prepared to wait in never ending queue and make your way between the queue for a bite of mouth-watering Vada Pav.

Cost – Rs 25/- per plate Vada Pav and Rs 20/- for choora pav.

Aram Vada Pav

It is located at capital cinema building, opposite CST station, Mumbai. Aram is another vada pav that is epic destination in Mumbai. The Aram Vada pav is more than 70 years old. Don’t get amaze to see this place being fill with crowd. As, Mumbaikars who travel from local trains start congregate to the Aram Vada pav stalls before they begin with their job or college lecture. As, Aram Vada pav is located near to railway station. One main reason for its popularity is pricing. The price is very reasonable. They serve a variety of vada pav including grilled cheese vada pav and a mirchi vada pav and yes, don’t miss the garlic chutney. also, they serve Maharashtrian beverages that include kokam sharbat, lemon juice, aam panna, and famous beverage of Maharashtra that is Taak (buttermilk).

Cost – Rs 32/- per plate butter Grilled Vada Pav and Rs 20/- for normal vada pav.

Anand Vada Pav

The Anand vada pav is located at opposite NM College/Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai. The area stretch outside NM/Mithibai College is a golden stretch sort for street food. it is very nearby to lot of colleges so you, will find lot of young crowd and one of the most famous places to eat local street food. The Anand Vada Pav is not only famous for its Vada Pav. but also, it is famous for its variety of Dosas, sandwich, Frankie. ‘The Anand Vada Pav is awarded best Vada Pav by Bombay Times’. ‘It is also awarded one of the 10 best street food in Mumbai by The Guardian’. You must try once whenever you visit Mumbai. 

Cost – Rs 25/- Butter Vada Pav per plate


‘At MRP’ is located in Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Oshiwara, Mumbai. If you all want twist in taste of Vada Pav than ‘At MRP’ is perfect restaurant for all foodies who crave for different taste in Vada Pav. you will find Mumbai-cha favourite vada pav just got a European twist. They introduce vada pav in European style. The Vada Pav Fondue for all cheese and vada pav lovers. The vada pav fondue is served totally different than simple vada pav from, turning Mumbai favourite snack vada pav to European fondue style. Want some twist in taste? then, you must visit this restaurant.

Cost – Rs 360/- Vada Pav Fondue.

Graduate Vada Pav

It is located near byculla railway station, Mumbai. This small shop serving vada pav since past 17 years, and regardless at any moment of the day of the week you visit Graduate Vadapav, you will always find the place being fill with crowd. From serving a famous vada pav to introducing some new variant of it. The samosa pav, Bhajiya pav for you to savour. They also serve range of chutneys like garlic, chilli, coconut, tamarind that just make for flawless finishing touch.

Cost – Rs 15/- Vada Pav, Rs 18/- Samosa Pav, Rs 15/- Bhajiya Pav.

Parleshwar Vadapav Samrat

Located at Subhash Road, Vile Parle, Mumbai. It is famous for its vada pav that has immense flavour of coconut in vada mixture that make it twist in taste of vada and serves along with fresh pav. from their table d’hôte, you can also savour their Misal pav, varieties of Bhaji, Samosa, Jain vada pav, varieties of grill vada pav, and other Maharashtrian snacks like kotimbir Wadi and Sabudana Vada.  What else a foodie needs? When you have varieties of local snacks available only at one stall. These local snacks are so delectable that they will make you arriving back for more.

Cost – Rs 15/- Vada Pav, Rs 40/- Misal Pav.

So, now I have shared the list with you all, the famous place to eat vada pav in Mumbai City. Once in lifetime, visit these places and try local street food of Maharashtra and explore Mumbai. There are lot more famous place to have Vadapav in Mumbai city. But, as I told you that I will only share best out of best in this series of Mumbai street food. further, I will be back with chapter-2 in that, I will share Mumbai’s Best local street food. Till then, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Maharashtrian Cuisine, when you visit Mast Maharashtra.

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