Mumbai’s Dabbawallas are allowed to serve again as Govt Eases Lockdown.

Hello guys, Namaste! Welcome to Flavours of India Blog. In today’s blog I will share the story of Mumbai’s Dabbawallas that are able to operate in full capacity after Govt Eases Lockdown.

Mumbai's Dabbawallas are allowed to serve again as Govt Eases Lockdown
Image By-Joe Zachs / Source -  Wikimedia 

Maharashtra is slowly unlocking the amid covid-19 pandemic and after permitting to open up cinema hall outside the containment zone from October 15, the government has now allowed Dabbawallas in Mumbai to use local trains. Dabbawallas can start utilize local train after acquiring the QR Code from the office of Commissioner of Police Mumbai. This new update is a part of latest unlock guidelines in state.

The Dabbawallas consist of lunchbox that delivered and return the hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people who work in offices. The lunchboxes are picked up in late morning, and delivered using bicycles and railway trains, and returned empty in the afternoon. The story started in 1890 by Mahadeo Havaji Bachche a lunch delivery service in Mumbai with about hundred men. In 1930, he unionizes Dabbawallas. Later, a charitable trust was registered under the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust.

Mumbai’s Dabbawallas are allowed to serve again as Govt Eases Lockdown.
Image By - Steve Evans /  Source - Wikimedia 

When it comes to new guidelines, hotels, food courts and bars will be allowed to operate with effect from October 5 with a 50% capacity as prescribed by local authorities. Dabbawallas are been majorly affected by covid-19 pandemic and now after latest guidelines, access to locals will let them resume their business with full function and that are able to operate in full capacity.

Before lockdown Dabbawallas delivered 2 lakhs tiffins daily in Mumbai. Mumbai is fastest growing city and Mumbai is the hub of delicious street food, from vada pav to misal pav, from sandwich to pav bhaji, from Dosa to Idli and lot more street snacks/food. Mumbai city that offers various street food across India. It also offers various cuisines from different countries. whether, its breakfast time, lunch time, tea time or dinner time, Mumbaikar's are always ready to explore street food and other cuisines and those folks who are working in office are always ready to have Dabbas from Dabbawallas and there are more than 5000 Dabbawallas who deliver around two lakhs tiffins daily. They are following same routine from since last 130 years and quality and quantity is still remain same.

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