The Pink City of India – Jaipur: A City known for its tradition, history, culture and local food.

Jaipur – ‘The Pink City’. Jaipur is situated in Rajasthan in India and it is capital and largest city of royal state Rajasthan. Jaipur is well known for its palaces, royalty, forts, culture and for delectable Rajasthani Cuisines. The Jaipur city was ruled by Rajput’s for many centuries and slowly progress and developed as planned city in around 17th century AD. 

The Jaipur city is surrounded by a city wall and several safeguarding forts. Jaipur is also a home of few UNESCO world heritage sites. It is one of the largest cities in India, and it has modern amenities with some of the best exotic hotels and resorts in the world. where, folks can relish, relief themselves in the beautiful royal city of India.

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Jaipur is land of vibrant colours, wonderful picturesque architecture and with energetic crowded local bazaars. Not only, it has forts, palaces and local bazaar but, it also known for one more thing and that is its mouth-watering local cuisines. Yes, I am talking about authentic Rajasthani cuisines that will creates its speciality in taste and that make up Rajasthan food identity. The local street food of the city is spicy, tangy, sweet, savoring and loaded with ghee (clarified butter) and the dish will reflect the culture of Rajasthan. So, get your taste buds ready to explore some of the delicious and flavourful food dishes of Jaipur city and yes for the ease of all foodies and backpackers, travellers, tourist. I am sharing the glimpse of some of the best places or eatery to have authentic Rajasthani food dishes or snacks in Pink City: Jaipur.

1-Pyaaz Kachori

You all might be thinking that where to eat Pyaaz Kachori in such a huge city. Right! Don’t worry I will be sharing the famous places to eat Pyaaz kachori in Jaipur city. The Rawat Misthan Bhandar is one the popular street food eatery in Jaipur city & it is a best place to have delicious savoury evening snacks with family. The eatery is also known for sweets/Mithai. In fact, the Rawat Misthan Bhandar is synonymous with Pyaaz kachori.

Pyaaz Kachori is crispy and deep-fried snacks made with plain flour and onion stuffing. The Pyaaz kachori has pepperiness onion filling. It is very spicy in taste. If you are spice lover for sure you will love to eat Pyaaz kachori at Rawat Misthan Bhandar. You can also try some of the delectable snacks at Rawat Misthan Bhandar that are samosa, mirchi- vada, dal kachori and many more tasty snacks. And yes, the Pyaaz kachori is now available in almost all local food shops in Jaipur.

where to try - Rawat Misthan Bhandar

2-Rabri Ghevar

Ghevar is one of the yummiest and best invention of sweets from royal state Rajasthan. If any of the folks who don’t know What is Ghevar? Then, here it’s a small description of Ghevar. It is disc shaped Indian sweet having honeycomb pattern. It is prepared from Maida and Ghee (Clarified Butter). A batter is made from Maida and Ghee and drop from around 5 to 7 inches from a height in piping Ghee. Even though the ingredients are basic and easily mixed. But, the techniques for making good Ghevar is lies in its preparation and it also depends on time factors. Ghevar is very popular sweet in Rajasthan and it is specially consumed during the festivals like teej, makar sankranti, and Raksha Bandhan. It is one of the most expensive delicacy of Rajasthan state. There are many sweets shop selling Ghevar in Jaipur city. where one can have best sweet delicacy of Jaipur city.

where to try - Local sweets shop

3-Masala Chai

If you are tea lover then this place you must visit. Travellers might be thinking where to have a tea in such a largest city of Rajasthan. Don’t worry! I am here to share the best street delicacy of Jaipur city. Hanging out with your friends and having a cup of tea is the best way to explore the cities of India. Gulab Ji Chai Wale is perfect spot to have cup of tea with friends & to have best conversation with friends over tea. The Gulab Ji Chai Wale is famous for its masala chai & muska bun. This place is hub for tea lovers, college going students, office going folks, etc that is located opposite Ganpati plaza and yes, don’t get amaze to see this place is fill with crowd. You always have to wait in a queue to get cup of tea.

where to try - Gulab Ji Chai Wale

4-Dal Bati

A visit to Jaipur is never completed if you haven’t tried this authentic Rajasthani Dal Bati. In Jaipur there are many restaurant and local food eatery that are serving delicious authentic dal bati. The dal bati is flagship dish of Jaipur cuisines. The dal bati is very heavy meal that is served with plenty of ghee. The ghee makes an important role in dal bati and that further enhances the taste of dal bati. The dal is thick, flavourful and goes well with crunchy bati. Dal bati is heavy nosh-up so, travellers please keep your tummy empty before trying this authentic delicacy of Rajasthan.

where to try - Restaurant and local food eatery

5-Pav Bhaji

Folks might be thinking that the pav bhaji is iconic dish of Mumbai. Why I have included in the food list of Jaipur city. Right! Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular snacks that you can’t say no it and it can be eaten in any time of the day. Pandit Pav Bhaji is very popular local street food cart. Where you will get everything at minimal prices with good taste. Pav Bhaji is blend of all vegetables that includes tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green peas, cauliflower, capsicum and ready-made pav bhaji masala. The pav bhaji taste varies from spicy, quantity of masala used, colour and consistency. Butter is most common to all and if you don’t have butter in pav bhaji it is not worth to eat, pav bhaji is easy to cook and delectable to eat. From, spicy, mouth-watering, delicious ones to moderate ones that create its speciality in taste and don’t get amaze to see this place is fill with crowd, you will have to always wait in a queue to get your pav bhaji plate and it is one of the most famous places to eat local street food. The popular dishes on their menu is pav bhaji other options are Sandwiches, Bhel, Noodles, Dabeli.

where to try - Pandit Pav Bhaji

6-Kulfi Faluda

Nothing can match the taste of kulfi Faluda in summer season. It is well known as summer vibes. Nothing can beat the heat of summer, whether it’s your AC’s, coolers, fans that keeps running all the day and night in summer until and unless you eat or drink ice creams, lassi, fresh juices or desserts. Kulfi Faluda is one of the most popular desserts dishes. The kulfi is very rich in texture as well in creamy in nature. In Jaipur the kulfi is served with yellow soft vermicelli also known as seviyan called as Faluda. There are so many flavours to tried that are topped with Rooh Afza, chocolate syrup, kesar pista and many more flavours. Apart from Faluda you can also try their matka kulfi, kulfi-rabri. Just enjoy the kulfi Faluda and relish yourself to beat the heat. There are many hawkers who sell delicious kulfi. Just try the kulfi Faluda in Jaipur and rejuvenate your childhood memories.

where to try - Any Hawkers or local kulfi eatery.

Have you ever tried these dishes yet? And if haven’t tried these yet, I strongly recommend you to follow this checklist and Mark on your bucket list and implement it each one of them at least once in life when you explore the pink city: Jaipur. Happy Eating Folks! 

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