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Hello guys, Namaste! Welcome to chapter-5 of Mumbai street Food Series. From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who always crave for Mumbai City’s Best Dosas. In this chapter 5th of Mumbai street food series, I will be taking you to explore the best out of best Street stall to have south Indian Dosas.

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Mumbai is the hub of delicious street food, from vada pav to misal pav, from sandwich to pav bhaji, from Dosa to Idli and lot more street snacks/food. Mumbai city that offers various street food across India. It also offers various cuisines from different countries. whether, its breakfast time, lunch time, tea time or dinner time this south Indian dish can be eaten anytime and the dish name is Dosa. Dosa are crispy, fluffy in texture, savoury pancakes that are staple food in South India. Dosas are most popular in rest of the country as well, and it is well liked in every states of India. The main ingredients of Dosa are rice and urad dal/black lentils from which a smooth batter is made and then left for some time, fermented and your Dosa batter is ready. However, the flavours of Dosa change from region to region. Food grains such as ragi, rice, jower, urad dal, semolina are some staples. Traditionally, Dosas in South India are served on a banana leaf, Dosa are very delectable to eat.

Before exploring the delicious Dosa of Mumbai City. Comment below, what did you like the most Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav or Mumbai Sandwich. Because, Mumbai is well known for its two main street food snacks and also Comment below, if you have eaten Dosa on Streets of Mumbai and which variety of Dosa you have tried? and how was the taste of it?

I will also share different variant of Dosas. And yes, when it comes to filling the Dosa has most commonly Potato filling. But, on western states of India the filling of Dosa has been completely change from Potato to all veggies, from bit spicy to pepperiness, from normal Dosa to huge paper Dosa, including Chinese flavours Dosa and lot more varieties of Dosa. A perfect snack for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, let’s get start with best place to eat crispy and delicious Dosa of different variety in Mumbai City and who can’t say no to buttery crispy Dosa of Mumbai City.

Pure Milk & Snacks Centre

Located at Ghatkopar Khau Galli, Mumbai. This place in Mumbai serves more than 100 types of Dosas. They serve lot of amazing varieties of Dosas, such as Pasta Dosa, Maggie Dosa, Ice cream Dosa, Paneer Mexican Cheese Dosa, Chocolate Dosa and Cheese Burst Dosa and lot more. Since, last 40 years and their Dosas are so fancy, delicious and yummy in taste. The cheese burst Dosa is loaded with abundance amount of cheese and the taste is so delicious and very delectable to eat.

Cost Rs225/- PMSC Ice cream Dosa, Cost Rs220/- to 350/- PMSC Mini cheese burst Part 1 to 5 (3Pcs)

Ram Ashraya

Located at Opposite Matunga Kabutar Khana, Matunga, Dadar, Mumbai. The Ram Ashraya is very popular for its authentic south Indian cuisines. The most iconic restaurant for its south Indian cuisines. Their famous south Indian snack is Pudi Idli, Pudi means gun powder chutney that is sprinkle on top of Idli. The Pudi Idli has a tempting taste and this place is always fill with crowd and their Dosa are super crispy and buttery. And yes, don’t forget to try their filter coffee. A perfect south Indian restaurant to have delectable south Indian cuisines.

Cost Rs50/- Pudi Idli, Cost Rs28/- filter Coffee.

Narayan’s Dosa Centre

Located at Charni Road, East, Gamdevi, Mumbai. from a humble food stall to a hole in wall that has very less width, serving Dosa since last 40 years. Don’t think that it is small place, but the food makes up in taste for what it lacks in space. They serve over 35 varieties of Dosas. For dosa-loving folks make sure they stop by here for a quick bite. These Dosa are made in right front you and comes with all sorts of filings. The butter sada and paneer chilli dosa both favourites among crowd. Butter sada dosa is so delectable and savoury in taste. if you haven’t here for quick bite of dosa then just visit this place and try their buttery sada dosa and all other varieties. 

Cost Rs50/-Butter Sada, Cost Rs120/- Paneer chilly Dosa.

Anand Stall

Located at opposite NM College/Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai. The area stretch outside NM/Mithibai College is a golden stretch sort for street food. The Anand stall serving Dosas since last 40 years and more than half of population of Mumbai city that only survive on street food of Mumbai city and Anand stall is one of most popular stalls in Mumbai city. This stall serves 64 types of Dosas and they sell more than 300 Dosas every day. Don’t miss to try their delicious Pizza Dosa which is very popular and delectable of this Stall. One of best part of this stall is ‘Dosa - A must try before you die by Times of India’. Try their yummy, buttery, delicious Dosas once in life when you visit Mumbai.

Cost Rs140/- Pizza Dosa

Shree Ganesh Coldrinks and Appam

Located at Ram Nagar, Dombivli, East. Serving appam since last 20 years and very popular for making delicious appam in Dombivli. The making of appam is very mastery and they also serves idli vada, medu vada, plain appam, masala appam and their famous masala appam that is very delicious. They make 500-600 appam every day.

Cost Rs18/- Plain appam, Rs28/- Masala appam

Nandu Dosa

Located at Chandan Cinema lane, Juhu. This place is so famous that they have open two branches in Mumbai city that is in Borivali and Kandivali. This dosa stall is known for its pav bhaji and chocolate dosa and serves more than 60 varieties of Dosas that is from pav bhaji dosa to palak masala dosa, from chocolate dosa to jini dosa and all other varieties of dosa that are so delectable to eat. All dosas are served with condiments and chutneys. However, you must try their jini dosa and paneer makani dosa.

Cost Rs160/- Jini Dosa, Cost Rs150/- paneer makani dosa

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So, now I have shared the list with you all, the popular place to eat delicious Dosas in Mumbai City. Now, it’s your turn to go out and taste mouth-watering, buttery, cheesy, loaded with oodles of veggies, bit of spicy and flavourful Dosas. Once in lifetime, visit these places and try local street food of Maharashtra and explore Mumbai. There is lot more famous place to have Dosa in Mumbai city. But, as I told you that I will only share best out of best in this series of Mumbai street food. further, I will be back with chapter-6 of Mumbai Street Food Series in that, I will share Mumbai’s Best local street food. Till then, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Maharashtrian Cuisine. when you visit Mast Maharashtra.

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