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Hello guys, Namaste! Welcome to chapter-4 of Mumbai street Food Series. From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who always crave for Mumbai’s street sandwich. In this chapter 4th of Mumbai street food series, I will be taking you to explore the best out of best Street stall to have Mumbaiya style sandwich.

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As everyone knows Mumbai city is very famous for its street food and in today’s blog, I will not talk about subway sandwiches but, I will talk about famous street style sandwiches that is yummy to eat. Usually, people will never find Mumbaiya sandwich in any corner of country. As, Mumbai is very famous for its vada pav, buttery cheesy pav bhaji, authentic Maharashtrian misal pav and yes off course these buttery, cheesy loaded vegetable Mumbaiya street sandwich. Sandwiches can be stuffed with range of fillings, vegetables, sauces, and fruits that make sandwiches flavourful and delectable. You’ll find a sandwich stall at every railway station and outside every college of Mumbai city, Sandwich is easy to cook and delectable to eat.

Before exploring the delicious Mumbai sandwich. Comment below, what did you like the most Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji or Mumbai Sandwich. Because, Mumbai is well known for its two main street food snacks.

So, lets get started with best out of best street sandwich in Mumbai city.

Anand Stall

The Anand stall is located at opposite NM College/Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai. The area stretch outside NM/Mithibai College is a golden stretch sort for street food. The most popular stall for vada pav, Dosa and sandwich. This stall is very famous for its 3-layer vegetable loaded cheese sandwich known as veg cheese grilled sandwich that is fully loaded with veggies like potatoes, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and with green chutney and chat masala that make it perfect delectable Mumbaiya sandwich. The bread which use to make cheese grilled sandwich is too huge in size. The sandwich is bursting with flavours. You will never find the taste of Mumbaiya sandwich in any corner of country. ‘The Anand Stall considers to be one of best street food loved by celebrities by BBC hindi’.

Cost Rs170/- Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich.

Unnamed patriarch (old man)

Located at near Gopi bazaar school, main road, Mumbai. This Unnamed Patriarch food vendor has introduced a new variant of sandwich, that is very popular at nearby area and yes, I bet you for sure, you haven’t eaten this sandwich anywhere around the world. Normally, people eat sandwiches which is stuffs with veggies that are placed on or between slices of bread. But, this patriarch has done new invention to sandwich, formerly called as (Aloo)Potato sandwich. Got Goosebumps, when I said (Aloo)Potato sandwich right! You might be thinking what is this (Aloo)potato sandwich? Don’t worry, I will share with you all about potato sandwich. This Aloo Sandwich is stuffed with garlic chutney, tamarind chutney, green chutney, tomatoes, sev (small piece of crunchy noodles made from chick pea flour paste), onion and all that can be eaten without bread. It is known as (aloo) Potato sandwich and the bread has been replaced by aloo. The unnamed patriarch also makes sev puri, bhel puri that are also delectable to eat. And yes, this potato sandwich is spiciest sandwich in Mumbai city. The prices are reasonable. Just try this aloo sandwich once in lifetime, when you visit Mumbai city.

Om Snacks

Located at Gokuldham Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai. This Om Snacks serves Mumbai’s biggest sandwich famously known as The Hulk Sandwich. They prepare 5 layered sandwich with abundance amount of cheese. The first layer of The Hulk consists of tomatoes, capsicum with abundance amount of cheese. The second layer comes with chopped veggies with cheese. The third layer comes with diced paneer, chili sauce, onions with abundance amount cheese. The fourth layer comes with mix veggies, garlic sauce with abundance amount cheese. The fifth layer comes with gooey cheese and mayonnaise layers and on top of sandwich they sprinkle chilli flakes and oregano seasoning, and yours five-layer sandwich is ready to grilled. You know why it is called as Hulk sandwich? Because this hulk sandwich has weighs of 1 kg, can you believe it? it weighs 1 kg right! Fully loaded with cheese, a burst of flavours with bit of spiciness in it. A huge sandwich that is so delectable to eat. It is not only Mumbai biggest sandwich but also, the tastiest sandwich of Mumbai city. The eatery serves you a pizza, pani puri, penne pasta, franky and garlic breads.

Have you ever heard about Pizza Shots? Exactly, neither me! Om snacks serves these delicious pizza shots basically, pizza with an Indian touch! Must visit this place for having delicious The Hulk Sandwich.

Cost Rs300/- The Hulk Sandwich.

Subhash Sandwich

Located at Lakhamsi Nappo Rd, Matunga Railway Colony, Matunga, Mumbai. it is the most iconic sandwich stall that serves most delicious chocolaty sandwiches in Mumbai city. The ultimate desserts of Mumbai, a three-layer chocolate grilled sandwich is very famously known as chocolate ice cream sandwich. The three-layer chocolate grilled sandwich is topped with another layer of chocolate shavings and dollop scoops of ice creams and finally with bit of chocolate sauce. A chocolate ice cream sandwich is very delicious and filled with oodles of chocolates. Mr Subhash ji owner of the stall is serving chocolate sandwich since last 10 years and started this stall in 90’s. you will find lots of young crowd at Subhash Sandwich, especially college students. A great place to have yummy, delicious chocolate ice cream sandwich.

Cost Rs120/- Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich, Cost Rs150/- Subhash Special Chocolate Sandwich. 

Jayshree Sandwich Centre

Located at Ghatkopar Khau Galli, Mumbai. The Ghatkopar’s Khau Galli is one of most popular Khau Galli in Mumbai city that offers a wide variety of street foods. This stall is very famous for its 3-layer vegetable loaded cheese sandwich known as veg cheese grilled sandwich that is fully loaded with veggies like potatoes, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and with green chutney and chat masala that make it perfect delectable Mumbaiya sandwich. Bite into cheesy goodness filled with veggies & grilled bread.

Cost Rs120/- Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich.

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So, now I have shared the list with you all, the popular place to eat delicious Sandwiches in Mumbai City. Now, it’s your turn to go out and taste mouth-watering, buttery, loaded with oodles amount of cheese, bit of spicy and flavourful Mumbaiya Sandwich. Once in lifetime, visit these places and try local street food of Maharashtra and explore Mumbai. There is lot more famous place to have Sandwich in Mumbai city. But, as I told you that I will only share best out of best in this series of Mumbai street food. further, I will be back with chapter-5 of Mumbai Street Food Series in that, I will share Mumbai’s Best local street food. Till then, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Maharashtrian Cuisine. when you visit Mast Maharashtra.

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