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Hello guys, Namaste! Welcome to chapter-3 of Mumbai street Food Series. From, the title of subject you will get the clue for my current blog post. The topic is related to all foodies who always crave for Mumbai’s Pav Bhaji. In this 3nd chapter of Mumbai street food series, I will be taking you to explore the best out of best Street/Restaurant to have Pav Bhaji.

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As everyone knows that Mumbai city is known for its street food speciality, for Mumbaikar’s the Pav bhaji is all time favourite snacks. Somehow, one can’t directly say no to a dish of savoury pav bhaji. The pav bhaji is most iconic dish of Mumbai street food. A simple vegetable dish that was invented for the purpose of feeding hungry and needy mill workers in late 1900s and today it becomes the most popular dish of Mumbai. Pav Bhaji is blend of all vegetables that includes tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green peas, cauliflower, capsicum and ready made pav bhaji masala. The pav bhaji taste varies from spicy, quantity of masala used, colour and consistency. Butter is most common to all and if you don’t have butter in pav bhaji it is not worth to eat, pav bhaji is easy to cook and delectable to eat. From, spicy, mouth-watering, delicious ones to moderate ones that create its speciality in taste and that make up Mumbai’s food identity

I will also share different variant of pav bhaji ranging from cheese pav bhaji to fried pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji to khada pav bhaji, Jain pav bhaji to Kolhapuri pav bhaji to some popular local variants across the Mumbai.

Before exploring the delicious Mumbai pav bhaji. Comment below, what did you like the most Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji. Because, Mumbai is well known for its two main street food snacks.

Keeping in view of different budgets groups. today, I will be taking you to some of the best out of best places to have Pav Bhaji in Street/Restaurant of Mumbai, the following places serve best out of best pav bhaji in Mumbai. so, let’s get set to have glimpse of these best delicious and mouth-watering Pav Bhaji.

Amar Juice Centre

Located at Vile Parle west, Mumbai. The Amar Juice Centre is very popular for its pav bhaji in Mumbai city. The area stretch outside NM/Mithibai College is a golden stretch sort for street food. it is very nearby to lot of colleges so you, will find lot of young crowd and one of the most famous places to eat local street food. One of the most popular dishes on their menu is pav bhaji and their special variation is cheese pav bhaji. where, the bhaji is loaded with Cheese and butter that enhances the taste of Bhaji & best for late night cravings.

Cost Rs150/- Simple Pav Bhaji, Rs180/- Cheese Pav Bhaji

Shiv Sagar, Multiple outlets

Located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have multiple outlets across Mumbai City. These city-wide chains of fast food restaurant make a noteworthy pav bhaji. You will find restaurant version of pav bhaji in Shiv Sagar. A perfect blend of all flavours in bhaji. The taste of pav bhaji has remained consistent over years and across their various branches.

Cost Rs170/- Special Pav Bhaji, Rs210/- Cheese Pav Bhaji, Rs220/- Khada Handi Pav Bhaji.

Sardar Pav Bhaji

Located at Janata Nagar, Tardeo, Mumbai. One of the most famous places to eat pav bhaji in Mumbai, started as small roadside stall has now morphed into fully furnished restaurant. The highly rated pav bhaji is served with munificent amounts of butter with sprinkle green coriander. They consumed more than 250 kilos of butter daily, Incredible right! So now, think about how delicious pav bhaji will be? and don’t get amaze to see this place is fill with crowd. You always have to wait in a queue to get a table for yourself. They serve in batches. So, everyone get’s yummy, mouth-watering and delectable pav bhaji at one go. must visit this place for most buttery Pav Bhaji in Mumbai city

Cost Rs155/- Amul Pav Bhaji, Rs195/- Cheese Pav Bhaji.

Cannon Pav Bhaji

Located at opposite CST Station, Fort, Mumbai. The cannon pav bhaji is located very near to railway station, this stall serves pav bhaji to local train travellers and tourists throughout a day. These guys are serving plate after plate of this buttery delight for years and patrons just cannot get enough of it, did you ever think that you will be having pav bhaji in Breakfast? Who said you can’t eat pav bhaji for breakfast? Cannon serves you at 7am, being another street enchanter! Got amazed to know that they serve you pav bhaji at 7am in morning right! The bhaji is filled with exotic flavours, not spicy and perfectly balanced pav bhaji. one of best part of cannon pav bhaji stall is how woman handle this stall and serve even during peak hours. #Women Empowerment.

Cost Rs100/- Amul Pav Bhaji, Rs120/- Cheese Pav Bhaji.

Maa Anjani

Located at Haridas Nagar, Shimpoli Road, Mumbai. This place is heaven for all foodies who always crave for pav bhaji. They serve variety of pav bhaji that is from black pav bhaji to red pav bhaji, from red paneer pav bhaji to black paneer pav bhaji, from red Anjani special surti pav bhaji to Anjani special Kolhapuri tadka khada red pav bhaji and lot more variety of pav bhaji. The bhaji is fill with spicy flavours. A perfect place to eat pav bhaji for foodies who love the twist in flavour of pav bhaji.

Cost Rs140/- Black and red pav bhaji, Cost Rs300/- Anjani special Kolhapuri tadka khada red pav bhaji.

Sukh Sagar

Located at Marina Mansion, SVP Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai. There are several restaurants named sukh sagar on the Chowpatty stretch, just across the beach. For the best pav bhaji. This restaurant is for those to go for quick bites in and around Chowpatty for decades. A perfect buttery pav bhaji with delectable taste and have beautiful scenic view of beach from sukh sagar restaurant.    

Cost Rs175/- Pav Bhaji, Cost Rs280/- Cheese Pav Bhaji, Cost Rs300/- bhaji with masala pav.

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So, now I have shared the list with you all, the popular place to eat delicious Pav Bhaji in Mumbai City. Now, it’s your turn to go out and taste mouth-watering, buttery, cheesy, spicy and flavourful Maharashtrian Pav Bhaji. Once in lifetime, visit these places and try local street food of Maharashtra and explore Mumbai. There is lot more famous place to have Pav Bhaji in Mumbai city. But, as I told you that I will only share best out of best in this series of Mumbai street food. further, I will be back with chapter-4 of Mumbai Street Food Series in that, I will share Mumbai’s Best local street food. Till then, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned at Flavours of India Blog.

Happy Eating folks! Keep Exploring new places! Try new delicious, tasty and flavourful Maharashtrian Cuisine. when you visit Mast Maharashtra.

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